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Zuglu EducationZuglu EducationZuglu EducationZuglu EducationZuglu Education

Zuglu Education will help you to grasp all English grammar matters in Punjabi

Zuglu Education will assist you to to grasp all English grammar matters in solely 30 minutes a day!

Useful tests for successful examination preparation for IELTS and PSEB Exams.

Zuglu Education is the finest way to study English in Punjabi. Learn English through easy methods and real-life examples.

IELTS Study material is also obtainable for you and all movies for IELTS can be found for you.

IELTS check preparation movies can be found for FREE.

Watch quick and simple explanations, then apply your skills. Zuglu Education will surprise you that how briskly your grammar can enhance.

With over 600 videos and pdf information on all topics, you will see results in a very short time. You will get extra confident while speaking or writing in English. Learn English in Punjabi and Punjabi to English translation in a very simple means.

Topics we cover:

- English Course Free

- IELTS Test preparation Free

- Basic English Videos

- Present Simple

- Present Continuous

- Present Perfect

- Past Simple

- Past Continuous

- Past Perfect

- Future Tenses

- Modals

- Active / Passive Voice

- Nouns

- Pronouns: personal, reflexive, indefinite

- Possession

- Adjectives

- Adverbs

- Prepositions

- Articles

- Verbs

- Conjunctions

- Interjections

- Determiners

- Clause

and many more!

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