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YKS Plan, Sohbet | StudyBuddyYKS Plan, Sohbet | StudyBuddyYKS Plan, Sohbet | StudyBuddyYKS Plan, Sohbet | StudyBuddyYKS Plan, Sohbet | StudyBuddy

Are you ready to do your degree in YKS with StudioBuddy YKS?

Yks Countdown 2022

StudyBuddy YKS is specially designed so that you can study for the TYT-AYT and YDT exams in a regular and planned manner. was designed.

StudyBuddy is a YKS tracking application that combines many features such as YKS Tracking, YKS Counter, YKS Note, Pomodoro counter, YKS Question Solution, YKS Chat.

What awaits you in the StudyBuddy YKS application?

➜ Pomodoro Technique,

➜ Yks Countdown 2022

➜ Pomodoro Calendar,

➜ Designed for 2022 TYT-AYT-YDT special sticker notes,

➜ Possibility of general, group, private chat with other YKS candidates within the application,

➜ Opportunity to make friends with YKS candidates within the application,

➜ YKS , TYT, AYT, YDT Topic Tracking List,

➜ YKS Question Tracking,

➜ YKS, special calendar for the questions solved in the TYT-AYT-YDT field,

➜ TYT-AYT-YDT Trial Tracking,

➜ Subject-specific notebook,

➜ Scores table that creates competition among YKS candidates,

➜ Personal progress graph

➜ YKS Counter (TYT, AYT, YDT, MSU),

➜ TO-DO list(to-do list),

✔ StudyBuddy YKS Pomodoro technique It offers you the opportunity to work up to 8 hours a day.

✔ Ar Work more efficiently for YKS with the Pomodoro system, which can work in the background even if the application is closed.

✔ Organize your work with a calendar where you can see the number of Pomodoros you do daily.

✔ TYT-AYT-YDT topics Keep studying for YKS on the bus, while walking or even while lying down, thanks to the sticker notes carefully prepared for you and presented to you in a mixed manner.

✔ Get YKS Friends with chat rooms! Make public, private, group chats, also share your questions and get help.

✔ Stay in touch with your friends with the private chat system.

✔ Get rid of the confusion in the YKS study process by marking the topics you have finished.

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✔ Check your past work with the calendar showing how many LKS questions you have solved each day.

✔ Track how many attempts you have made during the YKS process and compare your nets.

✔ Special notes Take notes for each yks topic at any time with the section, and without any confusion!

✔ Get a place on the scoreboard with the Pomodoros you make.

✔ TYT-AYT- with special progress graphics Follow your progress in YDT.

✔ See how much time is left for the exam with the TYT-AYT-YDT counter.

✔ Plan what you will do during the day with TO DO listing.

✔ Find out how much time is left for the exam with Yks Countdown 2022 feature

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