By Waluku Studio


Complete Yasin and Tahlil application to make it easier to worship or pray to Allah SWT. Plus the prayer beads feature that can be faucet in the reading area to increase the count.

This application contains:

- Surah Yasin complete with transliteration and meaning.

- Reading Tahlil

- Reading Istighosah

- Complete Guide to Prayer for the Body with Arabic and Latin textual content

- Complete Ghoib Prayer Guide with Arabic and Latin text

- Selected Prayer Collection

- Letters - Short Letters

- Complete the count of tasbih for each reading of Tahlil and Istighosah.

Hopefully this application can help people Islam in worship.

All suggestions and input, can also be sent to [email protected]

Credit picture Casey Horner, Gabriele Motter, Izuddin Helmi Adnan, Fahrul Azmi, and Tom Barrett on unsplash.com

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