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Anyone who has ever been confused about whether Wiccans are Witches, or vice versa, can relaxation assured that they aren't alone! These two phrases have been utilized in alternative ways, with generally very totally different connotations, for centuries. Today, they might be thought of interchangeable by some practitioners of Wicca, however utterly distinct from each other by others. Some Wiccans establish as Witches, while others don't. Furthermore, there are many folks whose practice of Witchcraft has elements that overlap with Wicca, but who don't identify as Wiccans.

For Wiccans who don’t contemplate themselves Witches, the reason is normally that they don’t apply magic, which is the part that most people consider as “Witchcraft.” They worship the Goddess and God, rejoice the turning of the Wheel of the Year, and live in harmony with nature, however they don’t search to harness the pure energies at work within the Universe to bring about desired change of their lives. Therefore, these Wiccans usually are not Witches.

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Interestingly sufficient, nonetheless, the origins of what we now know as Wicca had been completely thought of to be Witchcraft, as described by Gerald Gardner and lots of others who studied and practiced occult spirituality within the U.K. from the Forties through the 1960s, the place the Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions have been founded and developed. These pioneers of contemporary Witchcraft did view themselves as Witches, and actually the phrase “Wicca” was not applied to these forms of the Craft until a number of years later, once the follow had spread to the United States.


So the place does the phrase “wicca” come from? It’s actual

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