WebCode - ide for html, css and javascript

By Alif software

WebCode - ide for html, css and javascriptWebCode - ide for html, css and javascriptWebCode - ide for html, css and javascriptWebCode - ide for html, css and javascriptWebCode - ide for html, css and javascript

WebCode in an ide(built-in growth setting) for the web with help for html, css, javascript and php.

It includes a powerful editor with help for auto completion(just for html and css), syntax highlighting and indentation.



- Auto Completion for html and css.

- Previewing your html files.

- Syntax highlighting for html, css, javascript and php.

- Indentation.

- Undo, Redo, Jump to, Find, Find and Replace.


- Shows logs coloring them based on their degree.

- Runs the javascript you kind in it.

File Manager

- Access your recordsdata without leaving the app.

- Copy, Paste and Delete.

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