Vox Tools: Learn to Sing

By Vox Vocal Studio

Vox Tools: Learn to SingVox Tools: Learn to SingVox Tools: Learn to SingVox Tools: Learn to SingVox Tools: Learn to Sing

Do you wish to learn to sing or make higher use of your voice? With the assistance of The Sensei and Vox Tools we made it easy for you.

App programmed instantly by Vox Vocal Studio voice academics.

In Vox Tools you will find:

- A totally guided training part, with applications created by Vox Vocal Studio vocal coaches, full of examples, both for women and men.

- Unlike other Apps available on the market, Vox Tools allows you to choose exactly your voice type (both for men and women), to offer you an even more precise and personalized training.

- An advanced tool for vocal singers and vocal academics with which you can carry out your own personalised training.

- A digital piano that may get you out of multiple problem when working towards.

- Direct access to our blog (only in Spanish), where you can find many suggestions to improve the performance of your voice, and more.

Vox Tools is an application made by and for singers. Even the smallest detail has been thought from our experience as singers.

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