US - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UI

By MobiSys

US - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UIUS - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UIUS - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UIUS - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UIUS - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UI

* Converts all commonly used items on 20 classes (Area, Cooking, Distance, Energy, Flow, Fuel efficiency, Length, Light, Liquid volume, Pressure, Speed, Digital Storage, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Weight)

* All frequent models for shopping/at home/travelling are available in house screen, no need to select units or swap screens.

* Works totally Offline (except for updating forex rates)

* No annoying Ads and is completely protected and free

* Highest rated converter in PlayStore.

* Unlike many other converters, this app would not want permission to something in your phone. Its totally secure. You need not create account or login to make use of it.

* Its light weight and use solely little or no memory.

* Available in 26 languages

* Currency conversion rates (based on European Central Bank)

* Option to set your favourite conversion as home screen

* Conversion charts shown a few of the generally used units/values.

* Time conversion between 4 US time zones and Time between completely different states

* Very helpful for people from different countries visiting or residing in US.

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