Ukulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord charts

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Ukulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord chartsUkulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord chartsUkulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord chartsUkulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord chartsUkulele Chords Pocket - Free Chord charts

The largest library of Ukulele chord charts obtainable in your cellular, obtainable in any of the 4 most-popular Uke Tunings.

More than 5000 Ukulele Chord Diagrams and Must-Know Chords for novices to get you began.

FREE Chords

✓ 4-most in style uke tunings*

✓ 26 Chord types**

✓ 1-5 Voicings (alternative positions) per chord

✓ Left/Right-handed players

✓ Common Notation Systems: International/English (A, B, ..), German (A, H, ..) and Solmization (La, Si, ..)

✓ Custom charts show: Notes, intervals or fingerings

✓ Hear the chords (Swipe the strings)

✓ Get random chords to practice

✓ 8 Must-Know Chords for beginners

✓ Learn How-to learn chord charts

✓ Get notified when it's time to study a brand new chord

PRO Chords

Everything included in FREE model, plus:

✓ Slashed Chords (often found on Guitar tabs sites)

✓ Reverse Chord Search by Notes (Chord Wizard)

✓ Save your favourite Chords

✓ No ads


If you don't know the means to learn chord charts, please read our tutorial first (help button at the bottom right), or go to our site:


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gCEA (standard - Soprano), DGBE (Baritone), ADF#B (D-Tuning) and GCEG (Slack-Key)

**Chord Types:

Major, Minor, 5, Suspended (second, fourth, dominant 7th suspended 2nd, dominant 7th suspended 4th), Sixth (major, minor), Seventh (dominant, main, minor, augmented, diminished, half-diminished, mMaj) Ninth (major, minor, dominant, added), Augmented, Diminished (dominant, seventh), Eleventh (major, minor), Thirteenth (major, minor).

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