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TOFU LearnTOFU LearnTOFU LearnTOFU LearnTOFU Learn

TOFULearn helps you in learning overseas languages by allowing you to memorize thevocabulary efficiently andeffortlessly utilizing superior flashcards and the spacedrepetition approach.

• Flexible and simple to make use of flashcard system;

• Spaced repetition system provides you playing cards for review at just the right time;

• Pre-made word lists, however your personal private decks: ensures you've the best mnemonics attainable, that's your individual ones;

• Quick dictionary lookup right from the playing cards;

• Comes with frequency word lists for Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and extra;

• Maintain your personal customized record with Quick Add;

• Create and publish phrase lists with highly effective word list authoring instruments.

Special options for Chinese (Mandarin) learners:

• Learn Chinese characters by writing them on the display screen;

• Recognition training, learning pronunciations;

• Full set of HSK 1-6 word lists;

• Built-in dictionary with character decomposition, pronunciation audio, and examples;

• Support for Traditional characters and Zhuyin (bopomofo);

• Customizable tone coloring.

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