Time Guru Metronome

By Avi Bortnick

Time Guru MetronomeTime Guru Metronome

Thanks everyone for the success of Time Guru! It makes me very pleased that so many my fellow musicians find this to be a useful tool. If you've improvement ideas, please give me feedback at [email protected]


Guitar Player Magazine says: This ingenious tremendous metronome was developed by funky-as-hell Sco sideman Avi Bortnick. It will leave out beats randomly to drive you to strengthen your personal internal time-maintaining muscles, and it has other cool options for odd meters, drum machine-fashion patterns, and extra...that is an awesome studying, grooving, solidifying device.

NoTreble.com says: I love the aesthetic and format of Time Guru. It’s quite simple and stylish. Time Guru also presents capacity to set randomness of your subdivisions (great for testing your internal clock)... There is one factor that Time Guru does that I completely love, and for which, this app will always stay on my Phone – at the top of the screen, you will see a sequence of numbers (1-7). When you press a quantity, it's set first in a sequence and you can choose a subdivision that will then repeat that variety of occasions (or set it to relaxation that number of times). Sound confusing? It isn’t, because the format is so easy. Every time you press a new quantity, it is set subsequent in the sequence and also you select your proceed to choose your subdivisions.

Develop your inner sense of rhythm with Time Guru - the one metronome with the flexibility to mute its sound at random, in sequenced patterns, or each, so as to assess whether or not you are inclined to rush or drag or loose your house with odd meters. Time Guru can periodically go away you by yourself so that you just strengthen your personal inner sense of time, rather than counting on the constant, inflexible, exterior time preserving of a metronome. It's like coaching wheels that generally come up off the ground.

Time Guru also features:

-the flexibility to play in numerous time signatures or sequences of

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