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STUDYing appSTUDYing appSTUDYing appSTUDYing appSTUDYing app

◆ You can study comfortably in any place

In studding, we are learning a lot of busy working people and candidates with difficult qualifications who want to increase their study time as much as possible.

Since many people study on their smartphones during commuting time or when they are on the move, we have developed a more convenient "STUDYing app" for Android.

By using the app, you can now download and play video courses that used to be streaming playback on your smartphone.

This makes it possible to study comfortably regardless of the communication environment.

◆ You can study without worrying about time

If you download the course in advance via Wi-Fi, you can take the video course "anytime, anywhere" offline.

Difficult qualifications such as tax accountant and bar examination require long hours of study, so the limitation of smartphone communication capacity may become a problem. However, with the app, you can study without worrying about time.

Downloaded videos are organized by course / subject, so you can quickly find and take the course you want to study.

* Downloaded videos cannot be saved outside the app to prevent unauthorized use.

◆ Easy and smooth start

Currently If you are taking studding on your smartphone (Google Chrome users), the login information will be automatically carried over to the app when you install the STUDYing app, so you can use it immediately without logging in. In addition, the STUDYing app can use all the learning functions of conventional WEB browsers such as problem practice and WEB texts if it is connected to the Internet.

◆ You can study while encouraging each other with your study colleagues

You can easily post your daily study contents by creating study colleagues aiming for the same qualifications. You can learn while encouraging each other by "like" or "comment" the post.

To stay motivated to continue studying for the exam, the presence of encouraging and inspiring peers has a major impact. In acquiring qualifications, "habituation of studying" has a great influence on passing, so it is easier for those who have studying colleagues to pass.

Requests from fellow students, replies to posts, likes! If there is, you can receive a notification by push notification.

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