StudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countries

By MileoDev

StudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countriesStudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countriesStudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countriesStudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countriesStudyGe - Geography, capitals, flags, countries

Geography quiz

This sport will allow you to to remember location of nations, their capitals and flags.

? You can prepare your memory and memorize details about countries.

Studying world map with this app will permit you to improve your information of geography and likewise do an excellent brain coaching.

Pocket globe (world map)

Geography for children

This application is aimed toward folks of any age and it is perfect for kids. It helps them develop many helpful abilities, in addition to enhance their school performance and have a great mark for college geography take a look at. Trivia games assist kids to coach their brains but StudyGe is not just common educational sport it’s rather more. This learning game has a lot of interactive parts that makes the educational process a lot easier.

During the game you will receive achievements for the proper solutions, which you'll boast to your folks . You can also compete in information of map with others and show to everyone that you are the neatest individual in the world.

We raise to new levels studying video games for kids.

World Atlas

You can merely use this application as a desktop globe, the place you can see plenty of information about countries, corresponding to their flags and capitals

Political map

This app has a political world map on which yow will discover the situation and border of various nations. Also it has addition menu where yow will discover lots of extra content material. At this moment it has one addition “States of the Unites States” where you'll be able to learn state’s location, flag, capital, space and inhabitants

What the place When

Once you get comfortable with this utility, you can easily take part in different trivia video games like “what where when” or “who needs to turn out to be a millionaire” and different quizzes, and answer questions on geography there. And simply really feel like an actual erudite.

The software acc

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