SSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessons

By Prepasecu

SSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessonsSSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessonsSSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessonsSSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessonsSSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessons

Everything you need to learn about yourself, review and pass your SSIAP 1: MCQ, practical cases and lessons. Go at your own pace and learn more about the SSIAP 1, wherever you want, whenever you want. Much more practical than an easy book!

The SSIAP 1 utility is aimed at trainees preparing for SSIAP 1 in initial training, retraining or even upgrading.



⭐ Over a hundred courses available to learn all the secrets of SSIAP 1

⭐ Definitions, pictures and videos to memorize important ideas

⭐ MCQs at the end of each course to check your knowledge


⭐ More than 300 questions likely to fall on the SSIAP 1 exam

⭐ Thematic series to train on specific subjects (SSI ...)

⭐ Random series to be sure to cover the entire SSIAP 1 program

⭐ Questions read aloud


⭐ To monitor your development and take you to success


The educational content in the application is produced by professionals in the world of fire safety and is used in many SSIAP training centers in France.


If you encounter a technical problem, you can write to us at [email protected]

Do you represent a training center? A company ? Do you want to make this application available and customize it to your colors? You can write to us at [email protected]


The application does not provide face-to-face training at a training center with a number of SSIAP prefectural approval. This application is only a teaching aid.

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