Splittr - Expense Splitting

By Raphael Wichmann

Splittr - Expense SplittingSplittr - Expense SplittingSplittr - Expense Splitting

Splittr helps you to split group bills on vacations, along with your roommates or another group activity.

Simply add expenses as you go and Splittr will let you know who owes who how much.

Invite your mates and all people can enter expenses with their own units.

- Works offline

- Syncs with friends

- No registration needed

- All currencies supported

- Categorize your expenses (customized categories out there)

- PDF and CSV export

- Statistics about your group

- Super quick and easy person interface

- Intelligent equalization fee algorithm that minimizes the variety of transactions

- You can split expenses unevenly if purchasers paid totally different amounts or if certain members benefited kind of from the expense

- Automatic backups

Use case: Imagine you might be on a visit with two pals: Emma and Daniel. You pay $one hundred for gasoline for the trip. Anyone with a calculator can divide that worth three ways, but even then, you’d usually have to keep a document of the expense to be able to divvy it up later. With Splittr, this expense is entered in a couple of seconds and divided equally with little time or effort.

Imagine that later, you, Emma and Daniel go to a restaurant. You’re not hungry, so that you solely order juice. Daniel orders a steak and a cheesecake. Emma will get a spinach salad. The bill is $80. Daniel forgot his pockets within the hotel room and doesn’t pay, however you chip in $60 and Emma pays $20. You want a math degree to calculate who owes what, proper? Not with Splittr! Simply enter who paid how a lot and Splittr will do the remainder.

It’s that straightforward!

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