SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks

By Sphereo

SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, BacktracksSplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, BacktracksSplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, BacktracksSplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, BacktracksSplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks

Ever wished to manage music? Really control it? With SplitHit, each instrument is within the palm of your hand.

Singer at heart? Need a Karaoke maker? Use our cutting-edge voice elimination method to make karaoke out of any song. Just upload any mp3 file and remove the vocals to make a top quality backing observe. Record yourself singing along and share with your folks. To get your singing more accurate, you possibly can maintain the unique singer audible whereas recording and remove the vocals fully afterwards.

DJ? Split any music and save the separate tracks to create powerful remixes and mashups. With our AI expertise you possibly can cut up any song into vocals, piano, bass, drums and other musical devices (guitar/keyboard). Save the separated instruments in high quality and create a mind-blowing remix.

Enjoy equalizers? With split you possibly can enhance extra than simply the bass. Get a new, better than equalizer listening experience. Play with the extent of every instrument in real time, to listen to songs in a different way. Want to spice up the drums? Listen to any music in acapella? Curious as to how your favorite songs would sound like with just the vocals and drums lively? Let your imagination run wild and choose your own distinctive listening expertise.

Practicing an instrument? Use Sphereo’s split expertise to remove or boost the instrument you’re enjoying for the proper backing observe. Make it as quiet or as loud as you should best practice. Record your self taking part in to see how much you’ve improved. Practice singing, drumming, piano, bass and other musical devices (tip: play with the “other” channel to isolate guitar/keyboards).



-Split any song into vocals, piano, bass drums and harmonics (guitar/ keyboards)

-Save the separate stems in top quality to create DJ remixes and mashups

-Isolate vocals and get rid of devices for a vocals only re

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