Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning

By ACKAD Developer.

Spelling Master for Kids Spelling LearningSpelling Master for Kids Spelling LearningSpelling Master for Kids Spelling LearningSpelling Master for Kids Spelling LearningSpelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning

Spelling Master is for Kids to study widespread spellings. Lean spellings with image. If kids enter wrong spelling it's going to display it in purple with unhappy smiley. You can remove incorrect spelling by clicking on it. Tap on picture to speak it sound.

Kids may even learn to pronounce words as we have included textual content to speech engine.


1. Thirteen spelling categories are included.

2. Learning Alphabets spellings.

3. Learning Animals spellings.

4. Learning Fruits spellings.

5. Learning Vegetables spellings.

6. Learning Body Parts spellings.

8. Learning Numbers spellings.

9. Learning Flowers spellings.

10. Learning Birds spellings

12. Learning Transportation spellings.

15. Learning Shapes spellings.

16. Learning Colors spellings.

18. Learning Three letters words spellings.

19. Learning Four letters words spellings.

20. Learning Five letters words spellings.

21. Learning Six letters phrases spellings.

22. All 13 classes of spellings are free.

23. All categories have prime quality photographs.

24. You can change spelling through the use of subsequent and previous arrow keys.

More spellings shall be added quickly.

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