Speekoo - Learn a new language

By LearnMyLanguage

Speekoo - Learn a new languageSpeekoo - Learn a new languageSpeekoo - Learn a new languageSpeekoo - Learn a new languageSpeekoo - Learn a new language

Speekoo is the brand new language studying app that challenges you to study a NEW language! We tried to make it 10X sooner, 10X extra intuitive and 10X more motivating than anything else that exists at present. And it is fully FREE.

6 languages are provided for now: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. But we plan to add new languages if you prefer it :)

Each language has greater than 20 levels and every degree has 12 lessons. To make the whole learning fun, every level is a metropolis and and every lesson represents a moment in your virtual travel.

We hope you will like it, be happy to inform us what you think !

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