Special Person

By IT department of Dawateislami

Special Person

Dawat-e-Islami is a worldwide peace motion selling and propagating the message of the Holy Quran in a quantity of elements of the world. It’s a non-profit group that works solely in the service of Allah and Prophet ﷺ. The IT Department of Dawat-e-Islami has now provide you with a highly subtle, superior, and unique app for mute and deaf individuals.

Our Khususi Islami Bhai will extremely profit from this app because of its terribly productive options. The application incorporates videos for sign language, audible books, technique of hajj, and much more... This wonderful app just isn't just for those with hearing and talking difficulties but anybody who wishes to learn the language of the deaf and dumb can avail of the sign language course this app offers!

So, get the Deaf and Mute Muslims app now and enter into the vast world of sign language!


Animated Sign Language Course

This comprehensive course consists of sign language alphabets, vocabulary, counting, weekdays name, and much more to teach you the basics of sign language.

Method of Hajj in Sign Language

The feature will teach our particular persons (Khususi Islami Bhai) the way to carry out hajj in signal language.

Audio Books

The app has a collection of audiobooks and PDFs known as Bolta Risala. Our deaf and mute brothers and sisters can use this function to read Islamic books.

Sign Language Sentence

The app will also teach you how to make proper sentences in signal language as soon as you’re via with the fundamentals.

Videos for Sign Language

There is an incredible variety of movies and animated cartoons available in sign language which can help our particular individuals to be entertained as well as acquire data.

Dawat-e-Islami News

This characteristic will maintain our Khususi Islami Bhai up to date with what’s getting into Dawat-e-Islami and they also can watch particular individual information anytime they need.


You can easily share this super-beneficial app with anybody whom you understand has a speaking and listening to incapacity or with their family members to help them talk better!

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