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By simpleclub GmbH

simpleclub - The learning appsimpleclub - The learning appsimpleclub - The learning appsimpleclub - The learning appsimpleclub - The learning app

With Germany's No. 1 learning app, you will immediately write better grades and be more motivated to learn! Over 1 million students study with simpleclub every month and 93% improve their grades.

You may already know us from YouTube: We are the makers of the learning videos that you can watch the evening before the exam.

With the simpleclub app you learn even faster and you can safely use the school material in the exam!


▶ Understand school material immediately!

Comprehensible learning videos and explanations that really help you ..

▶ Better grades!

Test your knowledge with exams at exam level.

▶ Less time required!

Use ready-made summaries.

▶ Leave your time management to us!

Learning plans for each exam with a schedule, so that you will finish safely.

▶ Go safely to the exam!

We will tell you how well prepared you are.


In the simpleclub app you will find thousands of content on your school subjects - completely free!

E gal whether integrals in math, DNA replication in bio or your beloved (lol) readings in German.

The simpleclub app offers you videos and explanations with clear animations without you having to pay a cent.


You want to use the school material safely in the exam and waste less time studying?

Then that's it Upgrade to simpleclub unlimited just right for you.

• Tell us the topics you need to learn!

We will create the perfect learning plan for you. With exactly the content you need.

Divided into the time you have to learn.

So you know exactly WHAT you have to learn. And WHEN you have to learn it.

• Exercises train you to use the material correctly in the exam.

Detailed solutions explain everything to you step-by-step.

• The best: W

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