Shwe Note: 30 min book summary

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Shwe Note: 30 min book summaryShwe Note: 30 min book summaryShwe Note: 30 min book summaryShwe Note: 30 min book summaryShwe Note: 30 min book summary

Over 100,000 new books are published annually internationally.

Nowadays, with more work, books are more plentiful and time is less read. So it's important to be able to choose the most important content from the many books you can find in a short period of time.

That's why ShweNote provides a summary of the best-selling knowledge books in the world. Presented in clear Myanmar language.

ShweNote software for both Android and iOS Download it on iOS as well. Easy to read on your phone.


▪️ You can read the book in 15-30 minutes, so you can read even when you are busy. >

▪️ You can read and listen in Offline download mode even when you do not have internet.

▪️ You can read in Myanmar easily in a short time. You can easily choose the right book for you.

▪️ After reading an entire book, you do not know what you have written. You can enjoy it.

▪️ The monthly fee is very cheap.


Business and Management

Sales and Marketing

Psychology and Happiness

History and Politics

General Knowledge

? Family and Education

Personal Development

Health and Food


Best Seller

Learn the key lessons of Non-fiction books in 15 - 30 Minutes.

There are over 100000 books publishing yearly. So, How to Read all of these books Faster? In our world today, we are sometimes too busy to finish an e-book. ShweNote offering a fresh way of studying, and to promoting universal entry to information.

ShweNote summarizes the key ideas of the world’s bestselling books in Myanmar Language. You can take away your language barrier with ShweNote.


Top Quality Summarized Books

Audio Books

Personal Library

Offline Download Mode

Powerful EPUB Reader

Weekly New Books

Weekly Free Book

Cheapest Price

ShweNote is the primary e-book summary app in Myanmar. You can learn International Best Selling Books in just 15-30 minutes.

Our group consists of passionate members with numerous academic backgrounds. Our mission is to introduce the world's greatest promoting books to Myanmar People. We hope our effort can support to construct the higher nation.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Some of the contents and guide covers are loaded from public sources. Feel free to contact us when you have any grievance.

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