School planner, homework, timetable - berry2b

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School planner, homework, timetable - berry2bSchool planner, homework, timetable - berry2bSchool planner, homework, timetable - berry2bSchool planner, homework, timetable - berry2bSchool planner, homework, timetable - berry2b

Your first school planner that rewards you the more active you are! berry2b helps you organize your homework, school grades, exam dates and more. If you like, you can also easily share homework or exams with your class / course. To make all of this fun, there are a few small games in the app and various awards that motivate you to stick with it on a regular basis.

Use the substitution plan to find out about changes or check the menu in your canteen .

Also unique: Your personal area for internships, training and other jobs, in which you can prepare for your future career.

Free of charge!

You simply enter your homework and you always have it to hand. Share them with your classmates and nobody will forget their homework in the future. In addition, you can always have your homework reminded.

You always have the timetable with all subjects, teachers and course rooms in view in your new school planner. A student in your class creates the timetable. The rest of the class takes over the timetable with one click!

You can save your grades and see your grade development for the school year at any time.

berry2b also supports your career entry. For example, you are looking for an internship or an apprenticeship. Then get an overview of the companies in the region. They will inform you about apprenticeships, dual studies or an internship. If you are interested, you can easily write to them via chat or you can create a digital application folder in minutes and let the companies find you.

Homework app, digital timetable, grade calculator, digital training search and much more. Everything in just one app!

Have fun using your new school planner and good luck finding an apprenticeship or your next internship!

And don't worry: your data is yours! We v

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