Schrack for Students electrical engineering learning platform

By Schrack Technik GmbH

Schrack for Students electrical engineering learning platformSchrack for Students electrical engineering learning platformSchrack for Students electrical engineering learning platformSchrack for Students electrical engineering learning platformSchrack for Students electrical engineering learning platform

Free book download. Community chat. Exercise examples with a solution and much more.

We help you to take your learning process to the next level and save time!

The SfS electrical engineering learning platform helps you:

- School books always to have with you

- The best tutorials are easy to find

- Summaries to be created quickly

- To ask questions about electrical engineering to the Austria-wide community

- Get exercise examples with solutions for every topic

- News about job offers at Schrack Technik Events

- And much more.

Some additional features are:

- Convert to PDF

Summaries Notes can be converted to PDFs and then sent or downloaded.

- Offline Usability

You can do many Use functions even without an active Internet connection, e.g. read downloaded books, create summaries, edit and have access to exercise examples with possible solutions.

- Multi-device use Synchronization

You can use the app with one user on all your devices - whether smartphone or tablet! Your activities in the app will be synchronized immediately when the internet connection is active. So you are always on the same level on all your devices.

- Optimized for Smartphones Tablets

The SfS ET learning platform is optimized for Android IOS and can be used with all mobile devices. This gives you the opportunity to work with both your tablet and your smartphone.

About Schrack for Students

We at Schrack for Students are a separate division of Schrack technology and are responsible for services Services for electrical engineers in training. We are a young team that has a common goal: to support electrical engineers in their training. In addition to the electrical engineering learning platform, we offer:

- Support sponsoring for diploma theses school projects

- Tutorials for electrical engineering


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