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Overview is a utility application for Parents, Students and teachers on Vietnam Education Network Ecosystem - Schools. vn, helping to connect students and parents.

The application allows Parents to instantly update their children's information at school, helping them learn better provides the main update platform Latest training books, lesson information, notification management and fee collection.

The app allows students to track their own learning results, timetable, notifications as well as Parents keep track of good results at school.

Key Features:

✔ Attendance Book : Provide class schedule, manage students present/absent in school sessions.

✔ My class : provide a list of students in the class, contact information of teachers, parents, display notices.

✔ Notifications: Allows teachers to check notifications and reminders received from the Department of Education/Schools.

✔ Test results: the results of the tests. oral exam, 15 minutes, 1 period, semester at school.

✔ Contact book: Subject teacher information for easy management

✔ Timetable: quickly look up the daily educational schedule

✔ Student assessment sheet to help them study well

✔ Teachers exchange assignments with students

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