SchoolFox - All-In-One School App

By Fox Education Services

SchoolFox - All-In-One School AppSchoolFox - All-In-One School AppSchoolFox - All-In-One School AppSchoolFox - All-In-One School AppSchoolFox - All-In-One School App

SchoolFox combines communication, organization and collaboration on one platform - and simplifies it. This is how digital faculty works!

At the middle is a college messenger that connects all of the important features of a college:

Timetable and substitution plan, class register, video classes, cloud storage, payment, LMS and tons of different modules.

Popular features that make life easier for academics, students and fogeys:

Events, surveys, school-wide communication, bulletin boards, templates, attachments, class chats, checklists, absences, session days, quiet hours, emergency profiles, translations into 40 languages, and rather more

Data safety and privacy:

- GDPR compliant

- “Trusted App” seal of approval from Mediatest

- Winner in the election for the safest school messenger (2020)

Available in 25 languages.

Suitable for all school types.

In use in over 5,000 colleges.

Other apps:

KidsFox for kindergartens and crèches

TeamFox for organisations and clubs

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