s.mart Pattern (finger picking trainer)

By s.mart Music Lab

s.mart Pattern (finger picking trainer)s.mart Pattern (finger picking trainer)s.mart Pattern (finger picking trainer)s.mart Pattern (finger picking trainer)

⭐ Learn and uncover straightforward and legendary choosing patterns

⭐ Have a have a glance at the large list of choosing patterns for novices and fingerstyle professionals (415 in total; ninety two for Ukulele; 36 for five string Banjo)

⭐ Compare them and listen to the difference

⭐ Apply the fingerstyle patterns to a music, a chord progression or each other chord record and listen to the outcome. A song sounds completely completely different with a model new pattern

⭐ Get the result as a TAB view and look how the completely different fingerings are played

⭐ Create workouts to apply the patterns

⭐ Benefit from the pace coach and timer

⭐ Favor your patterns

⭐ Save the limitless completely different variations and combinations of patterns and the chords for later use

⭐ Sync your patterns and chord lists between your devices

======== PLEASE NOTE ========

This s.mart app is a plugin for the app 'smartChords Tools' (V6.7 or later). It cannot run alone! You need to put in 'sensible Chords Tools' from the Google Play store:



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