Read notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note Trainer

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Read notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note TrainerRead notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note TrainerRead notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note TrainerRead notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note TrainerRead notes MIDI/USB support - Piano Note Trainer


✔ MIDI support. Practice along with your real instrument.

✔ Practice and Timed mode. Each configuration (notes vary, accidentals, key signatures, duration) has its own best time. If you set greatest time after which switched to totally different configuration (e.g. added sharps) you'll see best time in this new configuration.

✔ Treble and bass keys.

✔ Two-staves mode.

✔ Status bar with present note time, common time per observe and common progress. Goals (time percent) are configurable.

✔ Ability to manage observe employees configurations and rapidly change between them.

✔ Configurable notes vary. Could be ALL your keyboard (A0-C8, La0-Do8).

✔ Configurable accidentals. None, sharps, flats, each.

✔ Configurable key signatures. Up to seven sharps/flats. Set minimum and most to the same value if you need to practice in one particular tonality (e.g. A-major, Sharps: 3-3).

✔ Configurable notation (C-D-E, Do-Re-Mi).

✔ Configurable employees size, notes density and status bar.

✔ Tap observe employees to pause/resume.

✔ Progress stops till you play right notice.


✔ Connect your android device to your digital piano by way of “USB to host” or MIDI out connector. It’s normally USB A to B cable (most printers have one) and USB A to MicroUSB (or USB C) adapter (thing that allows to attach USB Flash Drive to your phone/tablet). Email me should you need assistance.

✔ You should see Allow dialog to read information from USB connection. If dialog doesn’t appear – you're doing something mistaken with connections. Confirm that you simply permit.

✔ Now pressing your piano key should be mirrored in app (green/red note).

✔ I do not have capability to test every instrument so when you have issues - please contact me to collaborate ([email protected]). At least state your digital piano mannequin. Thanks lots.

Piano Note Trainer is developed for coaching notice sheet sight reading with your REAL instrument. I tried lots of existing applications and made some progress in note sight reading but principally inside these functions. Practicing on actual instrument reveals low effectiveness of using these apps (at least for me). I found a lot of apps that propose sight studying studying utilizing virtual keyboard and a few apps that suggest MIDI support but solely predefined music and never random notes. So, I developed my very own, for me, and pleased with results in my observe sheet sight studying progress. Hopefully another person could discover it helpful.


✔ Chords

✔ Microphone assist (for acoustic pianos)

✔ Score monitoring other gaming approach features

✔ Survival different modes

✔ Your suggestions from your critiques ;)


Here is Piano Note Trainer’s Hall of Heroes. These persons helped this application to be higher in a method or one other:

✔ Sébastien Sirot (France)

✔ Jarosław Hajduk (Poland)

✔ Miguel Angel Serrano (Spain)

✔ Ulrich Maurer (Germany)

✔ Andy B (USA)

✔ Denis Radionovich (Russia)

✔ Fabyo Westphal (Brazil)

✔ My wife and daughter

I’m opened on your recommendations about performance, bug reviews, and so forth. You nonetheless here? Stop reading and begin bettering your music sheet sight reading with Piano Note Trainer software proper now! Happy learning!

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