RAWAR strategy game (RTS)

By Daan Kogelmans

RAWAR strategy game (RTS)RAWAR strategy game (RTS)RAWAR strategy game (RTS)RAWAR strategy game (RTS)RAWAR strategy game (RTS)

RAWAR is a simple realtime strategy game (RTS) learnt inside a minute.

Conquer the map using troopers, castles, ships and dragons. Its unique arrow-drawing system provides you full, intuitive control over the movements of thousands of models. The battle for world domination begins right here...


You start with a single yellow square with 50 troopers. The map is nearly completely blacked out by the fog of warfare. Begin by expanding your territory, rising your view. Build castles, practice extra troopers and expand further.

Draft troops, defend your territories and launch assaults.

Build shipyards to explore seas and rivers. Scout the land for enemy camps.

Plan your troops' maneuvers by drawing arrows on the map.

Exploit goldmines to increase your wealth.

Command large armies with a flick of the finger and steamroll over enemy territory in your quest to rule the world and try for world domination.


- Select and drag to maneuver troopers. They will follow the arrows.

- Tap twice to construct a citadel

- Tap fort twice to train troopers.

- That's it! You're enjoying RAWAR!

Mapsizes range from really small for quick, genuine snacksized battles to actually giant for prolonged campaigns and global domination. RAWAR may be played offline in addition to on-line.

Unlike other RTS video games, RAWAR has no difficult economic system. It's only about strategic combating, hitting the enemy the place he doesn't count on it and pure power.

RAWAR consists of:

- A pure and simple offline strategy sport

- 24 free offline strategic maps

- extra maps available for an additional price

- No adverts.

- Fast startup. (no login needed, startup inside 2 seconds)

- Fast realtime multiplayer gameplay

- Hoards of intelligent and powerfull enemies.

- Unlimited, randomly generated, on-line maps.

- Day- and nighttimes with fog-of-war mechanic

- Soldiers, sh

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