Quran: Quran karim text mp3

By Andro 2014

Quran: Quran karim text mp3Quran: Quran karim text mp3Quran: Quran karim text mp3Quran: Quran karim text mp3Quran: Quran karim text mp3

Qurani : learn and take heed to the Holy Quran mp3 by high arab reciters

Top reciters :

- Abdel Baset Abde Samad (Abdelbasset Abdessamad)

- Maher Almaikulai (maher maaiqli),

- Fares Abbad

- Nasse Al qatami

- Yasser Al Dosari

- Abderrahman Soudais (Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais)

- Mishary al afasi

- Saad Al Ghamdi

This app Qurani textual content and audio include :

- Original Arabic text of full holy quran

- Translation text in english and french

- Translitteration text

Features for Quran karim :

- Listen the surah on-line OR download the aya of surahs to pay attention OFFLINE

- Download supervisor for reciters

- Listen the surah in background

- Run the app from notification bar

- You can present or hide translation and translitteration text

- Choose the translation language

- Choose your favourite reciter

- You can resize the arabic and translation and translitteration textual content

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