Quran SmartPen

By Sabapp

Quran SmartPenQuran SmartPenQuran SmartPenQuran SmartPenQuran SmartPen

Smart Quran is designed to enhance your Quran reciting .It allows you to play again each verses by touching it which would assist you to to correct your recitation and Tartil.

Smart Quran Feature:

- Word by phrase studying (Ibrahim Ahmad)

- 38 world well-known Tartil reciters

- 4 Mujawwad recitation (Abdul Basit, Minshawi, Husary, Mansuri)

- 2 educational recitation (Husary, Minshawi with youngster)

- 2 Fast (Hadr) Reading (Motaz, Tunaiji)

- 15 Language audio translation (English, Urdu, French, Dutch, Russian, Bosnian, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, Persian)

- Full Uthman Taha (Standard 15 lines in a page)

- Audio playback for each recitation and translation, recitation, or translation

- Show translation concurrently

- Fast search in Quran, Root and Translation

- Repeat recitation up to 20 instances

- Download the audio for offline use

- Change the font, measurement and color

- Sample play for recitations to stop pointless downloads

- Bookmarks, Color Tag, Note

In this version, the entire Joze' 30 and verse 'Fatihah' would be permanently obtainable. For the remainder of Quran you should improve the app with in-app purchases.

if you have any feedback, comments or issues, please contact us directly at [email protected]

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