PictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, Therapy

By chihuasdevs

PictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, TherapyPictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, TherapyPictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, TherapyPictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, TherapyPictoBoard: Help talk, Autism, Language, Therapy

PictoBoard - is an app intended to improve the speech capabilities of people with speech and language disorders who're receiving speech therapy.

PictoBoard is a really customizable app that lets you report your own audios, create your individual animations, arrange your own pictograms and photos. it additionally has a great user experience interface to keep user consideration.

List of features:

✅ You can add youtube videos.

✅ You can add offline videos.

✅ Speech to see video challenge.

✅ Support multi-language.

✅ Search by voice.

✅ Listen and repeat.

✅ Customizable celebration audios.

✅ Customizable phrases to verify pronunciation.

✅ Support animation (GIF) in addition to choosing from the system, you can also make your individual animation by taking or choosing videos.

✅ Customize photos by choosing from the gadget or taking new pictures.

✅ Customize audios by selecting from devices or document your personal audios.

✅ Customize the text to speech choosing a language, pitch, and speech price.

✅ Export and import all of your data to share with different folks or units, you can download pictograms posted on our Facebook web page and import them.

✅ Customizable choices like repeat audio infinitely or only a specified number of instances, close opened pictogram automatically, enable/disable consumer expertise animations, set up a master password.

Suitable for:

✅ Autism signs and Asperger syndrome, autistic spectrum dysfunction (ASD).

✅ Aphasia.

✅ Speech apraxia.

✅ Articulation/phonological dysfunction.

✅ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

✅ Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

✅ Cerebral palsy.

✅ Down syndrome

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