Physics Notes for JEE and NEET Offline

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Physics Notes for JEE and NEET OfflinePhysics Notes for JEE and NEET OfflinePhysics Notes for JEE and NEET OfflinePhysics Notes for JEE and NEET Offline

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This app incorporates all the chapters of physics a useful method for jee, neet and board exams of class twelfth.

Features of app are superior. Special options are :

• Dark Mode

• Smallest dimension of app in this category.

• Works Offline. No Internet Connection Required.

• Clear font for higher readability.

• Zooming obtainable.

• Easy to make use of.

• Include more notes than some other app and with more options.

• User-friendly , professionally designed and intuitive interface.

• Simple App.

• This App is in English.

Physics Notes of following chapters are present on this app :

• Basics and Mathematics part of physics.

• Units, Dimensions Measurements.

• Motion in One Dimension.

• Motion in Two Dimension.

• Newton's Laws of Motion.

• Friction.

• Work, Energy, Power Collision.

• Rotational Motion.

• Gravitation

• Mechanical Properties of Solids.

• Mechanical Properties of Fluids.

• Kinetic Theory of Gases.

• Thermometry, Thermal Expansion Calorimetry.

• Thermodynamic Procesess.

• Transmission of Heat.

• Simple Harmonic Motion.

• Wave Motion.

• Electric Current Resistance.

• Electrostatics.

• Capacitance.

• Alternating Current.

• Electromagnetic Induction.

• Elasticity.

• Surface Tension.

• Fluid Mechanics.

• Magnetic Effects of Current.

• Magnetism.

• Electron, Photon, Photoelectric Effect X-rays.

• Atomic Structure.

• Nuclear Physics RadioActivity.

• Solids Semiconductor Devices.

• Valve Digital Electronics.

• Reflection of Light.

• Refraction of Light.

• Optical Instruments.

• Wave Optics

• Electromagnetic Waves

• Photometry

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