Physical Education course


Physical Education coursePhysical Education coursePhysical Education coursePhysical Education coursePhysical Education course

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Physical Education course


-Physical Education course

-Applied anatomy and physiology

-Muscular system

- Skeletal system

- Cardiovascular system

- Cardio-respiratory system

- Aerobic and anaerobic train

- Long and short time period results of exercise

- Movement analysis

- Physical training

-Health, fitness and exercise

- Principles of training

- Methods and results of training

- Sport psychology

-Classification of talent

- Guidance

- Feedback

- Mental preparation

- Goal setting

- Socio-cultural influences

-Social groupings

- Ethical elements

- Commercialisation

- Technology in sport

- Health, fitness and well-being

-Health and wellbeing

- Sedentary life

- Diet and diet

- Exam expertise

-Exam methods

- Sample examination questions

- Performance evaluation

-Rules, laws and terminology

- Observing and analysing efficiency

- Evaluating efficiency

- Planning methods, ways and practices

- Writing a Personal Fitness Programme (PFP)

- Practical performance


- Badminton

- Tennis

- Wheelchair basketball

- Rock climbing

- Trampolining

- Handball

- Volleyball

- Polybat

- Table Tennis

- Association soccer

- Basketball

- Boccia

- Cricket

- Hockey

- Netball

- Rugby

- Swimming

- Dance

- Goalball

- Performing sport

-alysis and growth of performance

- Factors affecting participation

- The body

-Factors affecting efficiency

- Injuries


-physical Education

- Physical education for children

- Physical Education Games

- Physical Activity Idea

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