Peg Solitaire

By RC4812

Peg SolitairePeg SolitairePeg SolitairePeg SolitairePeg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire is a basic puzzle, a conventional mind sport.

You can play a lot of traditional, triangular, hexagonal and army boards, distributed by levels.

The object of the game is to go away only one ball on the board. The balls are eliminated one after the other, jumping one on prime of one other to occupy an empty gap.

It is price mentioning all of the historic sq., triangular and hexagonal lattice boards, in addition to their variants:

* Square lattice:

- English. Also known as normal, Hi-Q, Pegs Puzzle or Classic Solitaire.

- French or European

- Wiegleb or German.

- Asymmetrical.

- Diamond or Continental.

- Square

- Hermary.

- Huber.

- Kralenspel.

- Siege.

- IQ

- Baffler.

* Triangular lattice:

- Triangle.

- Extended triangle.

- Truncated triangle. (including penguin).

- Propeller.

- Hourglass.

- Rhombus.

- Hoppers.

* Hexagonal lattice:

- Hexagon.

- Subtrax.

- Flower.

- Star. (together with maple leaf).

- Trapeze.

- Arrow.

- Snowflake.

Main options.

- You can play horizontally or vertically.

- Different levels and boards.

- If you would like, you can choose the start cell.

- Records: To restart a document of a board, press and hold the black panel of data where the document appears.

- Reset.

- Undo.

- Redo.

- Timer.

- Accountant.

- Coordinate axes.

Types of leap:

- Orthogonal (horizontal and vertical).

- Orthogonal and diagonal (for several boards of the basic level).

- Horizontal and diagonal: for the triangular and hexagonal levels.

There are two forms of movement:

*Drag and drop.

* Press source ball after which hit the empty gap target.

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