Spelling Voltaire Project

By Woonoz

Spelling Voltaire ProjectSpelling Voltaire ProjectSpelling Voltaire ProjectSpelling Voltaire ProjectSpelling Voltaire Project

Angry with the spelling or passionate about the French language? Like you, 5 tens of millions of people have already chosen the Voltaire Project, number 1 in spelling refresher, used by 4,000 schools and 1,200 businesses. From 8 to 99 years old, whatever your level, this fun and terribly effective app is sure to reconcile you with spelling.

Progress is sustainable and guaranteed thanks to its ultra-personalized method of training and upgrading, the only one that adapts in real time to your gaps and your memorization rate. This method is based on the Memorial Anchor® engine and its effectiveness has been scientifically demonstrated.

Click on the fault, choice square, sound exercises ... the Voltaire Project suggests state of affairs exercises that allow you to detect faults, but also to correctly write a word with the correct one spelling, the correct agreement, the correct conjugation. Progress from level to level and master the essential rules to be comfortable in any scenario. Get instant access to your learning stats and see your progress!

Once your training is over, why not take the Voltaire Certificate? An asset on your CV to make a difference with recruiters and demonstrate your competence. With 1,800 approved examination centers, do not deprive yourself of this certification already passed by 200,000 people!

01Net: “Project Voltaire is proving to be the best tool for those who wish to make serious progress in spelling” (August 2019)

TF1: “A large-scale software that reconciles the French with the spelling ”(Journal de 20 heures, May 2, 2019)

M6:“ The Voltaire Project is a huge success, with 5 hundreds of thousands of users ”(Le 19.45, 22 mars 2019)

France Inter: "The Voltaire Project, an app to fill your spelling gaps" (March 4, 2019)

Elected "best online learning service in Europe all disciplined

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