Number Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num Riddle

By TechArts Games

Number Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num RiddleNumber Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num RiddleNumber Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num RiddleNumber Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num RiddleNumber Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle - Num Riddle

Number Puzzle


Number Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle is a traditional math game puzzle.

Tap on wooden quantity tiles transfer on empty area.You must focus challenge your self to solved as soon as you'll find a way to.

If you getting stuck show the tutorial.

Different Levels


3 kh 3 : Beginners

4 kh 4 : Classic

5 kh 5 : Smart

6 kh 6 : Challenge

7 kh 7 : Expert

8 kh 8 : Master

Water Sort Puzzle


Liquid water shade pouring sorting puzzle recreation.

1500 levels.

9 skins.

Tap on any bottle to pour different one.

You can pour solely with same water color or empty bottle.

Ball Sort Puzzle


1500 levels.

Pick ball ans put on empty tube or tube which comprise same colour ball on high of the stack.

Tube comprise 3,4,5 or 6 balls.

Undo the ball when any time.

Tile Match


1900 ranges.

Match the double tiles.

Easy gameplay with plenty of challenges.

Whenever you clear all the blocks stage clear!!!

Matching tile accommodates numbers, alphabets, many extra.

As much as you play, Harder ranges will comes.

Getting caught ! Use hint to search matching tile or Undo the tile from panel back to the board.

Block Move Puzzle / UnBlock Me Puzzle


Free wooden block move puzzle

1000 ranges.

Slide wood block vertically or horizontally.

Make clear path for pink block.

It’s look simple to play however exhausting to master.

Horizontal block transfer side by facet while vertical block transfer up down.

Getting stuck! Use block remover.

5 Mode


Beginner, Advance, Master, Expert, Challenge



Solve sudoku puzzle, expand your mathematical talent.

Keep your thoughts focus remedy the puzzle.

Challenge your self brake your individual record.

Use trace whereas stuck.

10,000 levels.

Highlighting rows columns for chosen cell.

Eraser will allow you to to take away your mistake.

9 X 9 grid.

3 Mode


Easy - For Beginner

Medium - For Intermediate

Hard - For Expert

Water Pipe Repair


You need to rotate the pipe pieces make working pipeline.

Challenge your self end puzzle in minimal strikes.

350 levels.

4 Mode Levels


Simple - 50

Normal - 100

Extra - 100

Hard - 100

Tic Tac Toe


Game is very simple to play, Hard to master.

5 different game levels for one two players.

50 unique ranges.

AI is too good.

More you play, extra you study.



Single Player - You are playing with AI / Computer.Best AI you will see.

MultiPlayer - You can play with your mates, household or colleagues.

Single Multi Player


3 X 3

5 X 5

6 X 6

8 X 8

10 X 10



50 ranges.

All ranges are distinctive.

You can play with single participant or multi player.

As a lot as you play issue levels will increase.

How to play ?


Put the ‘O’ or ‘X’ in the empty box.

make horizontally or vertically or cross puzzle win the game.

Block your opponent from successful.

Play strategically.

Find Object


250 ranges.

Find the objects from given set's of objects.

All the objects are familia's, because you used in your day to day life.

Time restrict, so you want to find object as quick as you probably can.

Smooth animation, Calm sounds, pure design.

Swap Puzzle


Pick the puzzle piece change with proper one



Classic Time

Different Levels


4 kh 4 : Classic

5 kh 5 : Smart

Color N Roll Puzzle


New mind storming puzzle for you.

Make a identical puzzle as you given.

You can transfer field horizontally vertically in both path.

More than 200 ranges.

You can Swap the puzzle pieces.

2 Mode


3 X 3 - one hundred levels

4 X 4 - a hundred levels

Game Features


Classic design.

Easy to play exhausting to master.

Improve your logical expertise take a look at your brain power.

Realistic graphics ambient sound.

Realistic gorgeous amazing animations.

Real-time particles effects

Smooth simple controls.

User friendly interface interactive graphics.

No deadlines.

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