Next Big Idea – Nonfiction Book Insights in 22min

By Next Big Idea Club

Next Big Idea – Nonfiction Book Insights in 22minNext Big Idea – Nonfiction Book Insights in 22minNext Big Idea – Nonfiction Book Insights in 22minNext Big Idea – Nonfiction Book Insights in 22min

Learn better, reside smarter. The Next Big Idea app brings you groundbreaking audio insights from the most exciting new nonfiction books. In 15 minutes or much less, you can get the “big ideas” from a variety of enlightening titles in social science, business, habits and productivity, psychology, and more. Original and unique to the Next Big Idea Club, audio book bites are created and skim by the authors themselves!

Want to go deeper? Check out our ninety minute video e-courses of the most effective nonfiction books of the yr, as chosen by our legendary curators Adam Grant (Originals, Give and Take), Malcolm Gladwell (Blink, Outliers), Daniel Pink (Drive, To Sell Is Human) and Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking). Taught by the authors, our unique ecourses characteristic key takeaways, discussion questions, and interactive workout routines and quizzes.

The Next Big Idea app additionally provides you access to ad-free episodes of our podcast! Each episode of The Next Big Idea is a deep dive into one huge idea via immersive storytelling, narration and curator interviews with essentially the most interesting authors at work today.

Only have a pair minutes to spare? We’ve received you covered! Every weekday, you’ll obtain a 2 minute “Idea of the Day” for a fast, double shot of wisdom and inspiration with your morning espresso.

The Next Big Idea brings you the newest life-changing ideas, from the world’s leading thinkers, multi functional convenient app!


● Quick and easy to entry life changing concepts from an important new books, within the authors’ personal voices

● Idea of the day — 2 minute insights from main thinkers, delivered daily

● Book Bites — 15 minute e-book overviews, as created and recorded by the authors themselves

● Next Big Idea podcast — 45 minute ad-free episodes about the most groundbreaking ideas which have the ability to vary the finest way you live, work, and thrive.

● E-courses — Immersive 90 minute experiences in audio, video and textual content formats starring the authors of the Next Big Idea’s greatest books of the year.

It has never been easier to discover life-changing concepts. Get your Next Big Idea now!

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