Nanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rd

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Nanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rdNanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rdNanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rdNanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rdNanaba, tutoring from CP to 3rd

Nanaba is an educational software available on smartphones and tablets to take everywhere. Intended for children from 1st to 3rd year, it is a true tutoring 4.0 that will allow you, the parent, to let go!

Thanks to a revolutionary system, no more being on the back of your teenager regarding the use of his cell phone (which uses that word)! Unlike existing education applications, Nanaba's concept solves the most common problem: the recurrence of school revision work in children, these little angels.

75% of family conflicts are linked to the use of laptop and tablet screens! Our objective ? Restore peace in your home and make your life as a mother or father more restful, while increasing the time of revisions and the academic results of your child. Nice, isn't it?

Innovative technology? The app allows you to pause your child's favorite purposes at the frequency you choose! It is even possible to do it remotely from your phone in the office (Shhh! We won't tell your boss). During this break, no other choice for him than to answer quizzes and multiple choice questions of varying lengths and which can be timed (it is you who decides) ... The goal is for the child to revise, but also that he wins rewards and in particular time to return to his favorite functions.

Our advantage is based on the principle of Spaced Repetition: to identify the child's difficulties to make him memorize more simply, in an almost subliminal way. The application's artificial intelligence therefore adapts in real time to the child's level and allows them to offer them simplified questions that can help them catch up on a particular theme.

Designed by teachers from National Education at primary level (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) and college (6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd), the exercises of Nanaba are in total adequacy with the current school program of all races. The materials available? English, French, Mathematics, and many more to come… Rather stylish, we know.

Are you worried that your children have fallen behind after schools have closed? Spare them the vacation notebook! Nanaba can even be used without an internet connection (you know, at Grandpa's in the country) and allows you to benefit from a year of revisions, unlike the latter (the vacation notebook, you get me). A wonderful school remedial system in the form of self-correcting educational games! And we don't throw flowers at each other, that's true.

You have the possibility to follow the results of your children and even adapt their exercises according to their successes or failures.


Limited time introductory offer:

1 € / month for the primary level instead of 3 € / month!

€ 2 / month for college level instead of € 6 / month!

€ 3 / month for the Family Pack (4 children maximum) instead of € 9 / month!

Crazy, right? Take advantage of it quickly!


Already supported by many family influencers, Nanaba has made a name for itself even before its official launch. You will soon find our sublime posters in all Parisian metro stations!


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