Multiplication Table Practice


Multiplication Table PracticeMultiplication Table PracticeMultiplication Table PracticeMultiplication Table PracticeMultiplication Table Practice

Fun education series.

Master the Multiplication Table!

This is an academic App aiming to memorize Multiplication Table successfully and effectively.





・Learning 1-9 occasions table.

・There are mnemonic hints to memorize Multiplication Table.

・Learning extra successfully by memorizing in reverse order or random.

■Multiplication Chart

・It is a chart for visually learning the idea of multiplication.

・When you tap on a cell, the formula for multiplication is displayed.


・Challenging the calculation of Multiplication Table.

・There are three difficulties of 1-3 times desk, 4-6 times desk, and 7-9 occasions table.

・In Overcome Weakness, it's going to preferentially ask questions that you frequently make mistakes.

■Fill in the blanks

・It is a filling puzzle which completes the formula of Multiplication Table.

・You can remedy questions like a recreation.

・There are three difficulties of Easy, Normal, and Difficult.

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