Maths Notes for JEE Offline

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Maths Notes for JEE OfflineMaths Notes for JEE OfflineMaths Notes for JEE OfflineMaths Notes for JEE Offline

This app helps students preparing for Jee Mains , Jee Advanced or eleven-12th Exams.

It also helps school grade pupil and teachers for making ready notes.

These notes are sturdy and on to the point.

This app has many options. Special options are :

• Dark Mode

• Smallest size of app in this class.

• Works Offline. No Internet Connection Required.

• Clear font for higher readability.

• Zooming obtainable.

• Easy to make use of.

• Distraction free mode.

• Include extra papers than any other app and with extra features.

• User-pleasant , professionally designed and intuitive interface.

• Simple App.

• This App is in English.

This app has notes of all of the chapters. List of Chapters are :

• Set Theory.

• Relations.

• Functions.

• Limits.

• Continuity.

• Differentiability.

• Differentiation.

• Application in Mechanics.

• Tangent Normal Theory.

• Maxima Minima.

• Increasing and Decreasing capabilities.

• Rolle's Theorem.

• Lagrange's Mean Value Theorem.

• Indefinite Integral.

• Definite Integral.

• Area Under Curve.

• Differential Equations.

• Vector Algebra.

• 3-D Coordinate Geometry.

• Determinants and Matrices.

• Matrices.

• Computing and Binary Operations.

• Logarithms.

• Indices and Surds.

• Partial Fraction.

• Complex Numbers.

• Progressions.

• Quadratic Equations and Inequation.

• Permutations and Combinations.

• Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction.

• Exponential and Logarithm Series.

• Rectangular Cartesian Co-ordinates.

• Straight Line.

• Pair of Straight Lines.

• Circle and System of Circles.

• Conic Section.

• Ellipse.

• Hyperbola.

• Trignometrical Ratio, Function and Identites.

• Trignometrical Equation and Inequations.

• Properties of Triangle Solutions of Trian

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