Mastermind - the educational code breaking puzzle

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Mastermind - the educational code breaking puzzleMastermind - the educational code breaking puzzleMastermind - the educational code breaking puzzleMastermind - the educational code breaking puzzleMastermind - the educational code breaking puzzle

Mastermind - the academic code breaking puzzle is based on the traditional two-participant code breaking puzzle board recreation popularized in the 70s.

It is also referred to as Master Mind, Bulls and Cows, and Numerello. Many variants exist such as Royale, Grand, Word, Mini, Super, Ultimate, Deluxe, Advanced and Number Mastermind with various diploma of complexity. This app, with its flexible settings, will let you adapt the difficulty to many of those variants.


One player mode

Two participant modes

Adjustable issue

Adjustable appearance

Points and rating system

Configurable code labels

Game statistics

Accessibility (TalkBack) for visually impaired


A code is mechanically generated in a single participant mode and you need to use a logical strategy to break the code with the least variety of guesses to turn out to be the Mastermind. For each guess you submit a response will inform you what number of colors are both appropriate in shade and position, or in colour however not position.

You can regulate the difficulty of the game in Settings by altering the variety of rows, columns and colors to find a appropriate level for novices and specialists alike.

You can problem a good friend or family member in one of the Mastermind multiplayer recreation modes by both playing on the same gadget or Play by mail for remote play.

You can earn points and acquire rank as you progress and win video games in single participant mode.

You can totally customize the colours of all the pegs to help users suffering from shade blindness or just because you would like a unique feel and appear.

You can configure code labels of numbers and letters, proven with the colours to help users suffering from colour blindness and in addition to teach the younger viewers about numbers and letters while taking part in this instructional puzzle sport.

You can select betwee

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