Machine Defender

By ACOEM Group

Machine DefenderMachine DefenderMachine DefenderMachine DefenderMachine Defender

Used in combination with the wireless vibration sensor CAC100800, the ACOEM Machine Defender app helps mechanics to gather vibration information wirelessly and detect faults automatically with the ACOEM Accurex artificial intelligence engine.

It is now attainable to evaluate mechanically the well being of industrial rotating belongings and detect faults on various elements corresponding to: electrical motors, pumps, fans, compressors, gearboxes and extra.

The vibration measurement settings are mechanically defined primarily based on a visual description of the machine kinematics within the field on the cellular device. The consumer is guided step-by-step by way of the entire vibration measurement process, and the ACOEM Accurex computerized diagnostic is performed immediately proper in front of the rotating machine and with out prior learning phase wanted.

It offers automatic diagnostic capabilities with overall equipment well being evaluation, record of faults detected with severity, location on the machine and confidence level, and first stage of maintenance recommendation. The following kinds of defects are managed: bearing or lubrication problem, unbalance, misalignment, structural resonance, pump cavitation, gear defects, shocks or modulation ensuing from electrical defects or looseness, other ISO failures corresponding to belt wear, gentle foot, nearby disturbance, and extra.

Results and stories can easily be saved in the app and communicated via native features of the cellular device. It can be linked to the cloud platform, centralizing vibration diagnostics reviews, laser alignment reviews, information trending and upkeep tasks management.

The ACOEM Machine Defender app empowers mechanics to easily enhance industrial plant reliability and performance with trendy upkeep options. To learn extra, please visit our web site at

Wireless sensors appropriate: CAC1008000

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