Lingvist: Learn Languages Fast

By Lingvist Technologies OÜ

Lingvist: Learn Languages FastLingvist: Learn Languages FastLingvist: Learn Languages FastLingvist: Learn Languages FastLingvist: Learn Languages Fast

Lingvist is a language studying app that helps you learn English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Portuguese.

Learn new vocabulary and enhance your language skills up to 10x faster.

Try Lingvist with a FREE trial.

How Lingvist works:

1. Select the language that you need to study

2. Discover your current skill degree

3. Start studying new vocabulary in on a regular basis contexts

4. Set a learning reminder and monitor your progress

Lingvist is built by prime scientists, engineers, and language specialists, combining the latest analysis in machine studying with customized language programs. Start your Lingvist experience at present!

To help customers from everywhere in the world, Lingvist is available in 11 different languages: English (American and British English), Français, russkii, Deutsch, Español, Português, eesti, 日本語, 简体中文, and 繁體中文.

Additional options:

▸▸ Level placement – your talent degree is analyzed and adjusted dynamically as you progress

▸▸ Custom Decks* – submit your own words, pictures, or textual content, and Lingvist will gather vocabulary associated to the theme so that you can be taught

▸▸ Voice input (cellular only) and virtual voice playback

▸▸ 5000 phrases per language course

*The Custom Decks characteristic is currently out there for French, Spanish, and German from English courses, as well as English from Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and German.






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