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Learning a Language by Reading Books | BookflexLearning a Language by Reading Books | BookflexLearning a Language by Reading Books | BookflexLearning a Language by Reading Books | BookflexLearning a Language by Reading Books | Bookflex

Bookflex is a brand new studying app (e-book reader) that allows you to read books in 100 different languages with simultaneous translation into any language and increase your vocabulary by performing built-in workout routines.

This reading app has a built-in, free library with books in Spanish, French and English, and you can even download any guide in any language from the Internet or other source, open it through our reading app and it will provide you with the ability to translate any words from the guide into your native language. All the words that you just translated while reading can be discovered by doing built-in workout routines.

This free studying app with translator can additionally be appropriate for odd readers and has an inventory of useful features

Word Translation

Exercises/tests to consolidate the translated words

Listening to text

Book sharing

Integration with Wikipedia to view the meaning of words

Memorizing the last page of studying after closing the book

Interactive content of the book with the flexibility to go to the

desired Chapter

Day and evening mode

Change the textual content size

Different font

Add notes to the selected word/text

Highlight words/text in numerous colors

Vertical and horizontal reading

You can also read books offline .

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