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By Music Education- Learn how to Sing Training Lesson

Learn to Sing - Sing SharpLearn to Sing - Sing SharpLearn to Sing - Sing SharpLearn to Sing - Sing SharpLearn to Sing - Sing Sharp

Learn to Sing anytime anywhere!

Sing Sharp improves your vocal talents, AI vocal coach in your phone!

Everybody can sing higher with the 1st Gamified Learn to Sing Training Program for FREE!

Sing Sharp helps you Learn Practice, Train Track, Anytime Anywhere!

Sing Sharp's What You See Is What You Sing™ expertise detects and show your singing pitch accuracy in real-time, so as to tune your voice accordingly. Train your self to turn out to be a pitch excellent singer!

Sing Sharp App:

1) Vocal Range - check and follow your lowest and highest pitches

2) Warm Up - basic to advanced ranges of vocal exercises

3) Sing Songs - Practice, Record, Playback, Save, Share and Customize your singing


- Sing Sharp's follow singboard all powered by our Real-time Pitch Detection Engine

- Studio results enhanced to sing in karaoke fashion

- Note Bar Octave Control (Low - Normal - High)

So when you think you might be tone deaf, off pitch, sing flat, pitchy, cannot learn to sing, or even cannot afford singing lessons from a vocal coach, SingSharp supplies vocal vary, heat up workout routines and ear training program that can help you tune your voice step by step to become pitch perfect.

SingSharp’s training is finest for singing trainer, vocal coach, music tutor or voice trainer to help beginners, professional vocalists, choir/chorus group in soprano, alto, tenor or bass to practice in their classes or training programs.

Whether you enjoy music genres like pop, rock, classical, musical, hip hop, piano, guitar, dj combine, or a-capella like the favored show Glee; or want to sing songs like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber; SingSharp might help train you understand more about music and principle so as to construct better music sense.

Learn to Sing Better Today!

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