Lab.Hacks Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-

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Lab.Hacks  Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-Lab.Hacks  Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-Lab.Hacks  Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-Lab.Hacks  Calculate Dilutions -Molecular biology-

Lab.Hacksoffers you with instruments, calculators and libraries on your every day work at the lab.

Major part of our lab work expertise is predicated on the molecular biology sector but we do have some expertise in chemistry and physics.

Lab.Hacks assists you in a number of lab tasks:

• Learn scientific techniques and practical ideas and methods ,which can help you to enhance the output of your experiment particularly in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, biotechnology and chemistry

• Calculate and Convert Dilutions with our Dilution Calculator and decide the weight you need for particular Buffer Concentrations and Molarities

• Browse through our Buffer Library and discover detailed Protocols of more then 50 frequent Stock Solutions and Buffers

• Create particular person Buffers, Solutions and Mastermixes and save them in your custom-made Library

• Monitor your Scientific Experiments with our Timers, Stopwatches and Cell Counter

• Discover more then 50 helpful Tables, Charts, Graphics and Illustrations about matters like DNA, RNA and Proteins, starting from Molecular Weight Ladders, Gel %, Running fronts, Degenerate Bases, Codon wheels, Amino acid particulars, SDS PAGE, Fluorochromes and Cell dish properties

• Enjoy our Extras like our superior music playlists which will convey fun and motivation to every Lab activity.

Lab.Hacks is more than simply an helpful App. We are also creating lots of fascinating, funny and sometimes bizarre content material based on Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Lab life in general.

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