Kaleela - Learn Arabic the right way

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Kaleela - Learn Arabic the right wayKaleela - Learn Arabic the right wayKaleela - Learn Arabic the right wayKaleela - Learn Arabic the right wayKaleela - Learn Arabic the right way

Learn Arabic the right way! With the Kaleela Arabic language studying app, you can begin to be taught Arabic

language faster and more successfully than with the standard classroom methodology. From the very

beginning via Kaleela’s fun and interactive studying strategies, you’ll start to:

- study Arabic alphabet

- discover methods to write Arabic letters

- grasp Arabic pronunciation

- be taught fundamental and superior Arabic words

- study Arabic grammar

- study to read Arabic and speak Arabic.

Modern Standard Arabic and lots of Arabic dialects are offered in Kaleela. Whether you’re learning

Arabic for novices or you're a seasoned professional who needs to refresh your Arabic language, with Kaleela

you can study Arabic at your own tempo, in your individual time, whenever and wherever you want.

What makes Kaleela better than all the other Arabic language apps?

Most of the other language learning apps are cookie cutter apps made by organizations who try

to create as many language apps as attainable. These apps usually just barely scratch the

surface of the target language. Kaleela focuses solely on Arabic language and Arabic dialects.

Kaleela Arabic language studying app, was created by highly qualified and experienced native

Arabic language professors who take care of the language daily. These Arab language

professionals designed the app so you can begin utilizing Arabic the minute you begin learning

through Kaleela.

Kaleela has Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) courses, Arabic alphabet, Arabic grammar and

Arabic dialects programs out there in many languages:

o Spanish

o French

o Italian

o Romanian

o Portuguese

o Korean

o Indonesian

o Chinese

o Turkish and a lot of extra to come

The courses are tailored for all ranges, whether or not the coed is a beginner, intermediate or


Kaleela additionally has a wealthy library of dialects:

o Jordanian/Palestinian dialect

o Syrian dialect

o Egyptian dialect

o Iraqi dialect

We won't cease here, as we’re aiming to have all Arabic dialects in a single app!

With Kaleela Arabic language app, you actually do learn Arabic the right method as a result of we perceive that

the greatest way to be taught Arabic relies on the 5 expertise of studying new languages: Listening, Speaking,

Reading, Writing and Culture (Arab culture). As a end result, you’ll learn Arabic the identical way native

speakers, making it probably the most environment friendly type to accumulate the language. In addition to fun and interactive

vocabulary acquisition, you’ll be taught abilities like Arabic writing via video content and study Arabic

pronunciation by listening to audio spoken by an authentic native speaker.

You can check out more about Arabic language and Arabic culture by visiting:





Ready to offer it a try? Download the Kaleela Arabic language app right now and study Arabic the right way!

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