Kakugo - Learning Japanese

By Philippe Daouadi

Kakugo - Learning JapaneseKakugo - Learning JapaneseKakugo - Learning JapaneseKakugo - Learning JapaneseKakugo - Learning Japanese

Kakugo is an application that helps learning Japanese. It contains a number of tests to memorize hiragana, katakana, and kanji and adapts to the consumer's studying pace.

One of the largest issue with studying Japanese is memorizing kanji and

vocabulary. While studying them by just studying and writing them everyday may

work, the more kanji you realize, the harder it gets and the more time it takes to

revise them all. Proper tools might help you memorize these big amounts of

data to more rapidly turn into a fluent Japanese speaker.

Kakugo is certainly one of these instruments. It helps learning and revising kanji and vocabulary

in an efficient method. It uses Spaced Repetition in a novel means that adapts to

the person's pace. If you solely have time to revise 30 kanji daily, or if you

can revise as a lot as 100 kanji daily, Kakugo will adapt and test you

on the proper kanji on the proper time for you to memorize them. There is no

kanji of the day listing to revise, you can begin and end a session whenever

you're feeling like it.

Kakugo additionally features all kinds of checks to help you find one of the best ways that

will assist you to study Japanese.

Features include

- Hiragana, Katakana quizzes

- Kanji quizzes by reading and which means

- Kanji check by part composition

- Kanji writing test

- Vocabulary quizzes by studying and which means

- Unique spaced repetition method that adapts to your individual learning pace

- Unlimited quiz classes that permit you to take a quiz at any time, for however long you want, useful to efficiently spend commuting time

- Show comparable-trying kanji in solutions to teach you the differences

- Kanji and vocabulary sorted by JLPT stage

- Clicking on kanji opens aedict3 (a non-free Japanese dictionary) or

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