Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

By Jelly Belly Candy Co.

Jelly Belly BeanBoozledJelly Belly BeanBoozledJelly Belly BeanBoozledJelly Belly BeanBoozledJelly Belly BeanBoozled

BeanBoozled is a sport of danger. Are you courageous enough? BeanBoozled has two difficult ways to play.

The authentic BeanBoozled: Ten delicious Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors (like Juicy Pear or Chocolate Pudding) have been paired up with ten lookalikes in bizarre and wild flavors (like Booger or Canned Dog Food). Will it's Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg? Peach or Barf? There’s just one way to find out!

The BeanBoozled Fiery Five Challenge asks how scorching can you handle? Five progressively scorching jelly beans vary from smoldering Sriracha to scorching Carolina Reaper. Can you deal with the heat?

There is a brand new method to take the BeanBoozled Challenge. This app lets customers play the sport (remotely and in person), capture photos, find retailers and order online.

What is the BeanBoozled App?

• Take the game anyplace! Take turns spinning the BeanBoozled wheel in the app to see what flavor you’ll should attempt next.

• The app comes with a video sharing function so you'll be able to problem your mates – wherever they are – in real time. You don’t have to bodily be collectively to play BeanBoozled! Just use the constructed-in “Challenge A Friend” function to play with your friend remotely. The App will send an invitation to your good friend to play, and as soon as they accept, you’re sharing the same spinner and playing the sport collectively.

• Take photos when you play in the “Challenge A Friend” mode, or 6-second GIFs of the loopy faces your folks make. Add photograph frames and share them to your social media channels.

• When you run out of flavors, in your BeanBoozled field or bag, simply inform the app and the spinner will continue play with out landing on what you’re lacking.

• Need more BeanBoozled jelly beans? Search for a store near you with our constructed-in Store Locator, or use the choice to buy online.

• Not sure what the jelly bean flavors are? Consult the handy taste menu within the app for a useful guide.

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