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Japanese ListeningJapanese ListeningJapanese ListeningJapanese Listening

Poro – Practice listening Japanese speaking Japanese is Japanese studying software with interesting method: listening to Japanese speaker, reading out loud Japanese document to speak, pronounce, pause and intonate like native speaker. While listening, you possibly can converse quick or slowly, but attempt to communicate/pronounce correctly initially. Same as Shadowing or Karaoke, you possibly can follow both speaking and listening by following the altering colour textual content together with audio pace. With three modes “Basic”, “Slow”, “Line by line”, learner can catch up pure speed to pronounce fluently and accurately. By listening and reading, this methodology additionally help users be taught vocabulary and bear in mind tips on how to pronounce every phrases as well as the way to learn out a Japanese document and at last communicate Japanese like native speaker.

Learning new phrases, especially kanji, is very important. But if learner solely learns the that means with out announcing correctly, it could result in misunderstanding or confusion to the listener. This application goals to assist learners hearken to audio file and imitate to speak Japanese, similar as Shadowing method.

List of lessons with a various subject from greetings, introduction, presentation, essays in Japanese might be useful package for each Japanese language learner. These are also document supply for both verbal and written abilities in your reference. Especially fascinating is the “Famous Literature Corner”, in which you can immerse in Japanese poem recitation.

Complete all lesson in ranges help learner be confidence in listening Japanese Japanese, speaking and studying out Japanese document, pronounce appropriately and good intonation, improve Kanji studying quick and naturally. This also help customers be confidence in taking Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N2, N1, N5, N4, N3 with listening and studying comprehension skills.

***Main functions***

- Practice talking, listening an

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