HMI Droid

By IDEA-Teknik

HMI DroidHMI DroidHMI DroidHMI DroidHMI Droid

Operator panel for various industrial PLC's. Communication over Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile internet with the protocols COMLI, Modbus/TCP (Class 0 and 1), Modbus RTU class 1, SattBus COMLI, Siemens Fetch/Write or Siemens S7 Communication (ISO on TCP). Can additionally run on stationary devices similar to media participant or Raspberry Pi and with cabled ethernet connection.

HMI Droid is an evolution of the HMI program LEDpanel for Windows and is a supplement or various to traditional SCADA techniques and operator panels. It handles logical and numerical variables and has simple navigation between panels (pages) utilizing swipe gesture or with buttons.

HMI Droid can additionally be great to use for home automation with PLCs which have eg Modbus/TCP protocol is implemented to remotely management and monitor lighting, air flow, heating etc within the residence or holiday residence.


Excellent technical assist.

Free updates.

Long anticipated life cycle.

Graphic HMIs with contact function can be created in minutes.

Free development software with test run feature.

Virtually limitless variety of panels (pages), objects and variables.

Does not require any third-party providers.

Genuine native app, not based on neither HTML nor OPC know-how.


Parameters for communication similar to IP address, port quantity, protocol, etc. can be specified per panel (page).

Automatic polling of all variables displayed in the present panel (page), no want for separate tag record.

Many codecs for numeric variables similar to 16 and 32 bit integer, unsigned, hex, ASCII, float (IEEE 754), and so forth.

Prioritized event-driven transfer to the controller.

Panels (pages) are edited in the measurement unit dp (Density Independent Pixels).

Life bit for monitoring the operator panel in the controller. (Function much like coordination space in Siemens S7.)

Auto-scaling allows for using the identical panels (pages) on smartphones, tablets and other units.

Numeric variables can be displayed as predefined text for instance alarms, sequence steps and so forth.

Detailed diagnostics of connection and communication.

Variable areas for system and native variables.

Possibility of automated return to the start panel (page) after a while of inactivity.

Selectable order for top and low words of 32-bit variables in the Modbus protocol.

Poll interval may be set do save knowledge traffic or battery.

Support for Greek, Turkish, Baltic, Central European, Eastern European, Cyrillic, Japanese (Shift JIS), Chinese (GB2312, BIG5) and Korean character sets.

Implemented protocols within the current version:

COMLI: Message 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Addresses register 0 - 3071 and flags 0 - 37777 (octal).

Modbus/TCP: Class 0, Function 3 and 16. Reads and writes sixty four,512 holding registers.

Modbus/TCP: Class 1, Function 1, 2, 4 and 5. Reads 65,535 discrete inputs, sixty five,535 input registers and reads and writes 65,535 outputs (coils).

Modbus RTU: Class 0 and 1.

SattBus COMLI i.e. COMLI SattBus over Ethernet.

Siemens Fetch/Write: Reads and writes variables in information block 1 to 255 between bytes 0 and 4095 and byte 0 to 127 in variable areas for inputs, outputs and memories.

Siemens S7 Communication (ISO on TCP).

System necessities:

Android 4.1 or later.

External storage must be available. (Not to be confused with SD Card.)

Windows PC for modifying panels (pages).

Download the free development device for PC that's used to make the panels (pages) to be run by HMI Droid:


Version historical past:

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